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The beginning everything.

The number one!Where does such a collection have its roots?

To tell you the truth "the beginning" lies in the rather irrational wish, one day, to buy something that stroke my curiosity. This happened to me in an American airport, in Montana, back in 1991. I saw IT, but I did not have any reason to buy it... so I decided in that moment that I would start a collection: IT would have been my "NUMBER ONE"!

If you want to meet IT, please read the details and see its picture, ... after all it is its fault if I got myself "trapped" into this crazy thing!

That's the way I started my adventure... without knowing what was expecting me, since I could not imagine how wide the variety in terms of shapes, colours and materials of such an object could have been in the world.

I therefore decided to set myself some strict rules: only piggy in my banks' collection, no exceptions, under no circumstances!